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Fire & Burglar

Nothing damages your business operations faster than fire or theft, but Data Network Systems can help. Protect your investment with high-tech theft prevention as well as UL certified fire alarms.

At Data Network Systems, the customer’s safety is our top priority. Theft and fires cost US retailers over 50 billion dollars worth of losses every year. That’s why we only install the highest quality UL certified fire alarm systems as well as state of the art theft prevention to keep your livelihood protected and your employees safe. 

With advances in modern smart technology, our fire and alarm systems can alert you of danger to your business anywhere, 24 hours a day, as well as being easy to use. Make the right choice and protect your investment.

Our Honeywell burglary alarm systems provide an easy to understand description of every entry point in the system. Combine this with the redundant UL/ FM Certified monitoring station, and Data Network Systems provides maximum protection for your employees and property.