• RCDD on staff.
    • BICSI level 1,2,3 technicians/installers on staff
    • Ortronics, Inc. Certified Installer Plus (with 25-year Warranty)
    • Leviton Telecom Certified Cabling System Installer (with 15-year Warranty)
    • Panduit Cabling System Certified Installer (with 15-year Warranty)
    • ATC Fiber Optics Certified
    • Corning Cable Systems LANscape Extended Warranty Program
    • Value Added Reseller of Sumitomo Electric Lightwave FutureFLEX Air Blown Fiber Systems
    • Hubbell Certified System Installer (with 25-year Warranty)
    • VOIP (Voice Over IP)
    • Nortel
    • 1A2 Key Equipment
    • Electronic Key Equipment (Norstar, Vodavi, etc.)
    • AT&T Equipment (Merlin, Partner Legend, System 25, System 75, etc.)
    • Voice Mail Systems
    • Milestone
    • Video Insight
    • Samsung
    • Pelco
    • Axis
    • Hikvision
    • Infinias IP Access Control by 3XLogic
    • Honeywell Burglary Alarms, Honeywell Combination Burglary and Fire Alarms
    • Firelite Fire Alarms
    • Silent Knight

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